Toby Fitzpatrick

Media Content Production

Hi, I'm Toby and I'm excited to be on the OXISFF Festival Team this year. As a freelance videographer and editor, I work mainly in broadcast documentary, and to provide charities with high-quality content. Focusing on the climate crisis and social justice, I am passionate about producing content that captures the value and impact of the causes that matter most.

What do I like?
I'm a fan of all things documentary. I'm a particular fan of those that explore stories that speak to the pressing issues facing our society today, from systemic inequality to the twin climate and ecological crises.

What is my favourite film?
My favourite film is always the last one that blew me away. At the moment that puts the documentary Boys State at the top of the list. It's an eye-opening, if sometimes depressing, look at masculinity and the future of US politics through following young politicos at an annual political-themed summer camp.