Stephanie Overington

Social Media

I have always had a passion for film. I studied Drama at Queen Mary University, and love all things related to performance and media. I am an actress/performance artist, but I also have experience writing, directing, filming and editing. I have been lucky enough to have performed in a lot of short films and have always found it to be so exciting and interesting. My favourite pastime is watching video essays that analyse films and look at the process of filmmaking. For me discovering all the hidden details in a film, and how it was made, is fascinating, and makes me appreciate the time and energy which goes into these projects. I took this passion for analysing media, and started my own YouTube channel, where I react to, critique and chat about film and TV. I am incredibly happy that I am involved with the Oxford Shorts Festival, and can't wait to watch your short films!

What do I like?
What I look for in a film is interesting relationships, and belivable dialogue. It doesn't matter if the film is set in space, or in someone's living room, if the relationships are accessible and engaging, and the dialogue rings true, you are on to a winner.

What is my favourite film?
My favourite film is Good Will Hunting, because it explores so much, from class to mental health while presenting the audience with touching moments, and complex relationships. A very close second is Ruby Sparks. It is such a fun concept, and the acting, writing and directing is superb!