Simon Dillon

Festival Film Reviewer

How much do I like films? Let's put it this way: if you cut me, I bleed celluloid. Yes, I know these days I'd be more likely to bleed ones and zeroes, but the point stands. I love films and am passionate about cinema, both features and shorts.

Not that I make films of any kind these days (most of that belongs in my student past, although I do chuck the odd screenplay around from time to time). My day job is in television, but most of my creative energies are channelled into my novels, including dystopian memoir Children of the Folded Valley and spooky mysteries such as The Birds Began to Sing, The Thistlewood Curse and my most recent spine-chiller Spectre of Springwell Forest. I also write film reviews, and co-host a film podcast The Tangent Tree.

What do I like?
A superb script is the spine of any good film, but a film becomes great with innovative direction and convincing performances. I enjoy all genres, but I particularly value a film that leaves permanent emotional scars, whether via laughter, excitement, outrage, terror or tears.

What is my favourite film?
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial