Emma Faraone

Festival Coordinator

For me, film is the most powerful way of telling a story. I studied media at university and have always been captivated by how powerful someone's vision can be when put on the screen. I was thrilled to be asked to assist with organising this event, I am so excited to see the submissions and celebrate the hard work of so many talented story tellers!

What do I like?
My first love is documentaries, I think it is one of the most powerful ways to make the truth heard. Musicals and dramas are a close second, strong characters and a strong sound score are so important!

What is my favourite film?
The Cove - It left me with such a mixture of emotions and drove my focus for media studies and my dissertation at university. The lasting impression it left meant that I totally changed the way I look at documentaries and any film or drama that is based on true stories.